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Sprayed foam has been used extensively for many years in the marine industries, particularly for the insulation of steel and aluminium ships, trawlers, yachts, barges and narrowboats. It is ideally suited to this environment due to the closed cell nature of the material that will not readily absorb water and the fact that it can readily overcome the challenges presented by the insulation of the curved surfaces of a ship hull. The material will readily adhere to the suitably prepared substrate and fill any otherwise tricky to reach nooks and crannies.
The thickness to which the material is applied is generally dictated by the depth of the hulls structural ribs and stiffeners which can vary from as little as 25mm for narrowboats to more than 200mm in a trawler fish cold store. 
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Preferred choice of insulation

The material is based on a CFC free two component foam supplied to us by the most respected manufacturers in the industry. We are approved installers of their British Board of Agrément certificated systems.
It has a Class 1 surface spread of flame rating and conforms to all relevant British standards.
Isotech have developed a close working relationship with the technical services department of our suppliers and they are pleased to be involved when additional information and advice is required, such as U-value calculations and condensation risk assessments. 
Data sheets, COSHH assessments and Isotech's Health and Safety Policy and site specific RAMS are always available. All our employees have CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) accreditation.
The material is processed through a Gusmer proportioning pump fitted in our van. This machine is driven by compressed air from our towed compressor and requires an electricity supply to power switches and the internal heater block.
A twin heated hose (210 feet maximum length) is fed from the van to the point of application. The two components mix at the tip of the spray gun under pressure and are reacting as they are applied to the hull and deckhead of the vessel.
The closed cell foam has exceptional bonding characteristics to suitably prepared substrate surfaces and sets hard in minutes with a core density of 32-36 Kg/m3.
The depth of the foam can be varied from 25mm for anti-condensation treatments to in excess of 200mm, where very high levels of insulation are required.

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Yacht insulation

Ideal choice of insulation for boating enthusiasts

Narrow boats and barges can be difficult to keep insulated and warm. Your boat may benefit from spray foam insulation as it is unaffected by contact with moisture making it an ideal choice for boating enthusiasts. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more details.
To find out more information about our insulation services, contact Isotech Sprayfoam on 023 9281 6291
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