Void Filling

Void filling applications by experts

Slow rise injection foams are ideal for filling inaccessible spaces such as in this instance where there was a requirement to maintain a dry environment in the void around the base of the legs of the structure of the Heathrow Terminal 5 main building during and after the construction phase whilst still allowing for a small degree of movement. 
The resin component in this system contains far less of the catalyst constituents that accelerate the sprayed foam systems, providing for a slower cream and cure time which in turn facilitates this slightly denser material to be injected into voids that would otherwise be inaccessible.  
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Foam applications

The material is based on a CFC free two component foam supplied to us by the most respected manufacturers in the industry and conforms to all relevant British standards.
Isotech have developed a close working relationship with the technical services department of our suppliers and they are pleased to be involved when additional information and advice is required. 
Data sheets, COSHH assessments and Isotech's Health and Safety Policy and site specific RAMS are always available. All our employees have CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) accreditation.
The material is processed through a Gusmer proportioning pump fitted in our van. This machine is driven by compressed air from our towed compressor and requires an electricity supply to power switches and the internal heater block.
A twin heated hose (210 feet maximum length) is fed from the van to the point of application. The two components mix at the tip of the spray gun and are dispensed through 20mm diameter holes into the specific void that is to be filled in bursts of up to 10 seconds. Adequate time is allowed to elapse for this material to cream, rise and cure before further material is dispensed.
The closed cell foam has exceptional bonding characteristics to suitably prepared substrate surfaces and sets hard in minutes with a core density of 40-42 Kg/m3.
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